World's First Smart Fund Screener, Analyzer and Portfolio Builder

DAYOSS revolutionizes the process of finding the right funds and portfolios that align with your preferences, eliminating frustration, saving valuable time, and minimizing effort.

Gain confidence by ensuring that you never miss out on better-suited choices and opportunities.

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Fund Explorer

Core features

Tailored suitability scores and portfolio building.

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Portfolio builder

Build a tailored portfolio that is most suitable to your preferences.

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Portfolio complete

Complete a partial portfolio from inputs of funds, themes or stocks.

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Smart fund finder

Each fund in our system gets one simple suitability score tailored only to you.

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Portfolio optimize

Turn your existing portfolio into a similar but more suitable one with reweights or substitutes.

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Optimize and re-weight portfolio

What is DAYOSS?

DAYOSS is world's first Smart Fund Screener, Analyzer, and Portfolio Builder - a groundbreaking tool designed to revolutionize the way you approach fund selection and portfolio management. It is a unique financial decision support platform that bridges the divide between robo-advisors and fund analytics platforms. It combines the customization and ease of a robo-advisor for portfolio building with the power, freedom and research capability of a fund analytics platform.

Our mission at DAYOSS is to provide individual retail investors with an affordable and powerful financial decision support tool that leverages the latest advances in machine learning to deliver data-driven analytics and personalized results.

DAYOSS addresses the challenges faced by investors in building a portfolio of mutual funds and ETFs due to the overwhelming number of funds available and the difficulty in quantifying personal preferences. While fund screeners and analytics tools can offer powerful insights, they require significant time, effort, and knowledge from the user and may not provide tailored results. On the other side of the spectrum, robo-advisors offer a convenient solution with a custom portfolio that is automatically invested for the user. However, we find that their limited access to funds and the lack of depth in their questions make them too simplistic.


DAYOSS is currently in the pre launch phase

During this time, users should expect issues with data quality that can impact result accuracy, as well as major changes introduced without prior notification that can substantially impact the results. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, users may experience issues or changes as we continue to develop and improve the platform.

DAYOS does not offer financial advice or recommendations

As a financial decision support platform, DAYOSS does not provide financial advice or recommendations. It is intended to assist users in making informed financial decisions, but it should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice from a qualified financial advisor. If you require assistance with making financial decisions, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor.

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